- Who's Aleks? -

Thanks for asking! I'm a full stack developer from Belgrade, Serbia. I build web apps and websites, design user interfaces and drink a lot of coffee.

After office hours I like to write some more code, dabble in game development and create random HTML, CSS and JavaScript stuff. My greatest passions are books and video games, so it's no coincidence that I like to read, write and play (a lot).

These pages are intended as a personal website where I showcase my previous (and occasionally current) work and which I will use as a sort of a public reminder on anything and everything.

Sometimes I forget things.

- Some of My Projects -

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Omaha Performing Arts
Thanksgiving Point
Laguna Playhouse
Milos Popovic
Terry's Breakout
Fructose Intolerant
Fructose Intolerant
C#Unity3DAsepriteHexels 3

- Coding Skills -


- Current Interests -

App microinteractionsBlazorASP.NET COREImplementing design patterns in video games

- Work Experience -

October 2016 - present
Developing websites, Content Management Systems and custom widgets. Designing responsive user interfaces.
October 2015 – October 2016
Building tracking, security and company management Windows apps for desktop and handheld devices.