Easy Dark Mode Switch with React and localStorage

September 12, 2020

Having a dark mode on your website or application has become very popular. Many big websites and applications are coming up with their own version of it and if you want to make one for your own React app you can easily do so with very little JavaScript code and a bit of custom CSS.

Translating React components
How to Build a Multilingual Website with Gatsby and React

August 16, 2020

Having different page files for different languages makes all of the page translations pretty contained and easy for access if something needs to be changed or added later on. Separating page components is good because of searching algorithms and SEO. There is also no code duplication, since page components are mostly plain text or markdown. Non-page components are a bit different.

Building a language switch component in React
How to Build a Multilingual Website with Gatsby and React

August 14, 2020

You have all of your multilingual pages set up, but now you need to give your users a way to access those pages. There are multiple ways this can be done. The most common solution is adding a language selection tool in the form of multiple links or by using a drop-down list. In my case - I had to implement three different languages, so I went with the buttons approach.

Setting up page structure for a multilingual website
How to Build a Multilingual Website with Gatsby and React

August 05, 2020

Before going ahead and making a multilingual website I would advise you to think about a few things. Do you even need one? Are you prepared to make multilingual content on your own? What is the best way to handle various translations? The first two points really matter only if you are making a personal project. If you were contracted to make a multilingual site for someone else then they are the ones who need to think about it.

How to finish your projects

June 01, 2020

I started working on this website in January, but things didn't really work out the way I wanted to. It's tough to have everything go according to plan when you don't have a plan in the first place. I knew I wanted to redesign my old website which was was just one static page with a list of my projects. At the time I made it that was enough, but I wanted to extend it at some point to be a place where I can do and show more things, not necessarily related to web development. I guess this is that point.

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